Requesting a Connection

There are multiple ways to request connection with another student from a computer.

Discover Page:

The 'Discover' page displays other students you can connect with under the 'Student' tab. Click the 'Connect' button to request connection with that student.


From Profile Page:

Navigate to a student's profile page (by searching their name or clicking their name/profile picture) and click the green 'Connect' button.


From Connections Page:

To navigate to your Connections page, click on the 'Connections' icon on the top right corner of your page and select 'See All'


 You will then be taken to your Connections page. From here, click on the 'Suggestions' tab to see suggested connections. 


You can also connect with another student by clicking on their profile/name in a comment, post, likes, group member list and event attendees list. 


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