Changing Privacy Settings


You can alter the privacy of your profile information from your Account Settings on a computer.

To change your profile privacy settings, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your Ucroo account and click on 'Account Settings'.


Your 'Privacy' settings appear at the top of the 'Account Settings' page.



Adjust who can see your group membership or who can find you by searching for you. Click on either 'Everyone', 'Connections' or 'Yourself'. 

Selecting 'Everyone' means that all students and staff at your university are able to see that information.

Selecting 'Connections' means that only your connections are able to see that information.

Selecting 'Yourself' means that only you will be able to see that information.

Once you have finished making changes, click on the 'Save Settings' button at the top of the page.



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