Creating Study Groups

To create a Study Group from a computer:

1. Click on the '+' button on the left hand side menu - this will take you to the Group Creation page



2. From the Group Creation page, select the type of Study Group you would like to create and click 'Next' 


3. This will take you to the 'Basic Info' page.


4. Enter the 'Basic Info' for your Study Group and then click 'Next'

  • Enter a name for your Study Group (mandatory)
  • Enter a description for your Study Group (optional)
  • Add a profile picture and cover photo for your Study Group (optional)
  • Select the Group Privacy of your Group
    • You can select 'Private' - Private Study Groups are only accessible to the students you add to the group and are most suitable for smaller assignment and coursework groups
    • Or, you can select 'Public' - Public Study Groups can be joined by anyone at the university and are most suitable for broad academic discussion

8. Add 'Labels' to your Study Group or skip this step by clicking 'Next'

By adding labels to your group, it improves the discoverability of your Study Group (if it's a public group) so others can join your group. 


6. Add other Group Members or Group Admins by typing a name in the 'Add Members' and 'Add Admins' box or skip this step. 


7.Click the 'Submit' button when you have finished filling out the Study Group details

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