Creating Events

To create an event in the All Students group or any other group, you must be a group admin. 

To create an event from a computer:

1. Click on the group you wish to create an event in from the left hand side menu 

2. Click on the 'Events' tab 


3. From the 'Events' page click the 'Create an Event' button


4. You can now enter the details for your Event


6. If your event is specific to a campus, type the name of the campus in the 'Add Label' box 


5. Once you have entered all the required information for the event, click on the 'Create Event' button.

You will be taken to the Events listing page where you will see the new Event.

Note: You can add a URL in the 'Location' field if you're having an online event such as a webinar or video call.  

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