Joining Subject Groups (Academics)

To join Classes Groups:

1. Click on 'Subjects' (may be worded differently on your platform i.e. Courses or Classes) from the LHS Menu of your UCROO account on a computer


2. Click 'Add Subjects' 


3. Type you Subject Name or Code and select it from the drop-down list to join the Classes Group for that subject


As an academic staff member, you will be taken to a page where you can add details for your Classes Group




You can add consultation times, monitor keywords, invite colleagues and add students to your Subject group.

Finally, to finish adding details for your Subject Group, click the blue 'Add subject' button at the bottom of the page.  

Important Note on Adding Students to Classes Groups:

If your university has connected with UCROO's API, students will automatically be added to the Classes Group for your subject as they join UCROO. 

To find out whether your university is connected to the UCROO API, contact





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