Commerce Policy


Products and services sold on Ucroo must comply with our Community Standards as well as the Commerce Policy. Our Commerce Policy provides guidance on what types of products and services can be offered for sale on Ucroo. Sellers are also responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Failure to comply may result in a variety of consequences, including the removal of posted content. If you repeatedly post content that violates Ucroo's policies, we may take additional action on your account.

Where Our Policies Apply

The Commerce Policy applies to all posts on Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups, messages, and posts.

Steps to Take if Disapproved

Appeal the Decision, if an item you posted has been rejected for violating our Commerce Policy, please email with an appeal.

Prohibited Content

The sale of the following is prohibited on Ucroo:

  1. Commerce posts must not violate our Community Standards.
  2. Illegal, Prescription, or Recreational Drugs
    • Posts may not promote the sale of illegal, prescription or recreational drugs.
  3. Tobacco Products and Related Paraphernalia
    • Posts may not promote the sale of tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia. This includes pipes and/or water pipes.
  4. Unsafe Supplements
    • Posts may not promote the sale of unsafe supplements, as determined by Ucroo in its sole discretion. This includes Anabolic steroids, Chitosan, Comfrey, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Ephedra, and/or Human growth hormones.
  5. Weapons, Ammunition or Explosives
    1. Posts may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives. This includes firearms and firearm parts, paintball guns, BB guns, fireworks, pepper spray, tasers, gun ranges, and/or gun shows.
  6. Animals
    • Posts may not promote the sale of any animals. This includes live animals, pets, livestock, any part, pelt or skin from an animal, including fur.
  7. Adult Products or Services
    • Posts may not promote the sale or use of adult products or services. This includes sex toys, videos or live shows for adult entertainment, sexual enhancement products, and/or sexually suggestive services (“texts to send her to get her in bed”).
  8. Alcohol
    • Posts may not promote the sale of alcohol. This includes sale of alcoholic beverages and/or kits for making alcohol.
  9. Adult Health Products
    • Posts may not promote the sale of products or services relating to adult health. This includes products used for family planning and contraception, including condoms and pregnancy tests, acupuncture services, diet and weight loss products or services, anti-cellulite products, body wraps, medical or dental operations involving lasers, health supplements, and/or prescription medical products including contact lenses.
  10. Real Money Gambling Services
    • Posts may not promote or facilitate online gambling, games of skill or lotteries, including online casinos, sports books, bingo, or poker if it costs money.
  11. Fraudulent, Misleading, Deceptive Or Offensive
    • Posts may not contain deceptive, false, misleading or offensive offers or products. This includes “get rich quick” schemes, “Before and after” photos showing the effects of weight-loss products, surgeries, health products or anti-wrinkle products, and/or posts that are shocking, sensational, disrespectful or portray excessive violence.
  12. Products With Overtly Sexualized Positioning
    • Posts may not position products or services in a sexually suggestive manner. This includes zoomed in sexual images, implied nudity, and/or implied sexual acts.
  13. Subscriptions Or Digital Products
    • Posts may not promote the sale of downloadable digital content, digital subscriptions or digital accounts. This includes posts with downloadable content, including PDFs, music, games, movies, etc., digital accounts, including Netflix accounts or games accounts, digital subscriptions and internet streaming services, including TV, Mobile, Netflix, Spotify, etc., and/or digital coupons.
  14. Digital Media and Electronic Devices
    • Posts may not promote the sale of devices that facilitate or encourage streaming digital content in an unauthorized manner or interfering with the functionality of electronic devices. This includes promoting the sale or use of streaming devices with KODI installed, jailbroken or loaded devices, jamming or descrambling devices, and/or wiretapping devices. 
  15. Real, Virtual Or Fake Currency
    • Posts may not promote the sale of real, virtual or fake currency. This includes real money (cash or cash equivalent instruments and coins), replica or prop money, digital or cryptocurrency, active bank credit or debit cards, store credit cards, gift cards or coupons, pre-paid credit or debit cards, electronically delivered gift cards, checks or checkbooks, and/or equipment to create counterfeit currency or financial instruments.
  16. No Commercial Intent
    • Posts may not promote news, humor or other content that has no intention to buy or sell products or services. This includes news and awareness posts, jokes and/or memes.
  17. Third-Party Infringement
    • Posts may not contain content that infringes upon or violates the intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright or trademark This includes, but is not limited to, the promotion or sale of counterfeits, such as goods that copy the trademark (name or logo) and/or distinctive features of another company’s products to imitate a genuine product, counterfeits, knockoffs, or replicas of branded goods, or posts offering goods that are likely to confuse consumers about the source, sponsorship or affiliation of those goods, and/or unauthorized or pirated copies of copyrighted works, such as videos, movies, TV shows and broadcasts, video games, CDs or other musical works, books. 
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